CBD Sativa Black Hash

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100% KIEF Derived

We combine old world techniques with today’s science to create what we think is the best product in the US.  Hashish is meant to be smoked through a bong, pipe, on-hitter or any other device which utilizes a flame to ignite.  We also include a one-hitter pipe for convenience and usefulness at no extra charge.  Our product uses only the Kief, the tips of the flowers, which contains the most powerful part of the plant.  We do not heat or degrade the product so efficacy from a full plant profile is utilized. Then we add a CO2 extraction from the Kief to increase the cannabinoid density per volume thus creating the most unique and powerful product available.  Enjoy!

Ingredients: Kief, extract, terpenes

Our Hash is made from organically grown Industrial Hemp.  No synthetic materials or additives are incorporated with this product.  The terpene profiles are added as we extract them from specific plants.

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OG Kush, Blueberry, Super Lemon Haze, Mango Kush, Natural, Sour Diesel

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  1. CBDhash

    Very good product Worked immediately and wow!

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